My 5-Point Agenda

Security | Health | Agriculture | Power | Capacity Building


I will:

  • Boost the existing security infrastructure and make our state safer for the people and their businesses to thrive
  • Engage more youths in meaningful, economically productive activities to reduce their availability for criminal activities
  • Strengthen community policing and make community leaders the chief security officers of their communities
  • Install 24-hour monitoring and internet systems with cameras across the state, and equip police and vigilantes for prompt response.


We will:

  • Partner with existing tertiary, secondary and primary health to improve services.
  • Partner with private medical practitioners to incorporate government presence in their facilities in rural areas
  • Partner with investors in developing first-class world healthcare facilities in Anambra to promote positive medical tourism in our state
  • Partner with NHIS to ensure community health insurance scheme to support maternal and child healthcare care.


My vision for agriculture is:

  • To encourage my fellow private investors in Agriculture
  • To make Anambra a food sufficient state and a one-stop shop for raw and processed food and agro products in Nigeria and beyond.

There will be partnerships with our tertiary institutions to develop agricultural research centers and provide farmers with improved seedlings to train agric extension workers, who will assist rural farmers.

Creation of effective and efficient micro credit schemes for agro related ventures with low interest rates, will be prioritized.


I will generate power locally from our numerous water bodies using the Brazil/Paraguay model.

Our abundant gas and oil reserved, wastes, wind solar, and bio mass technology would be harnessed to drive industrialization and commerce.

“Appropriate legislation and policies for ample infrastructural development would be encouraged. We will also have reduced tax incentives to local investors to boost commerce and investments in our state.”

~ Mr. Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo

Capacity Building

There will be adequate capacity building and hands-on training for teachers and education administrators to meet up with current educational standards across the globe.

We will revive public libraries with 24-hour internet access in all LGAs to improve access to information and opportunities in our rural areas and promote our cultural and academic values of research, hard work, independence, and integrity.

Also, we will be partnering with private investors and organizations to develop skills acquisition centers, sports and art academies, specialized science, ICT and technological training institutes, to carry every youth, especially the girl child along in meeting the 21 century demands.